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Los Angeles, CA


What A Difference A Day makes

Winner of “Best Drama” at ZEFR’s One Minute Film Festival 2018. Written, produced and starring Morgan Smith. Directed by Raechel Zarzynski.

Sinked Up

Coming soon! This queer femme love story tells the story of two women who start off as roommates, then they fall in love. All told inside the bathroom.

A short film about queer women by queer & female filmmakers.

Written up by Women and Hollywood as part of a “cultural moment [that] has women coming together like never before.”

Learn more by clicking the image to the left.


Great News

Two women compete over their Insta-lives because their IRL’s are less-than GOAT.

Written by Morgan Smith & Ji Bak.

The Linda Show LA

This Christopher Guest-style digital series that follows Linda as she interviews unqualified guests for her dating show. This episode features Essence, a nonsense-spewing hippie with a heart of sage.


Written, produced and starring Morgan Smith. Directed by Gregory Lawrence Smith. “Updone” proves that hair tutorials are only here to torture us.

Jesus Takes a Lyft

Finalist in iO West’s Easter Sketch Competition. Written by Morgan Smith and Kate Huffman.

It’s about Jesus taking a Lyft.

Stand Up

Morgan performing stand up at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA.